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Lets Get Crafty Recycling ………. A Peek At My Potions Containers

A lot of people that view my many photos ask me where I get the cool bottles on my potions table.As I have confessed to you all Im an old hippy and practice my own brand of recycling.Recycling or “Upcycling” is a wonderful tribute to our Mother Earth and it dosnt have to be tedious or boring.I found years ago that I could incorporate this Earth friendly practice easily into my witchy life by making my own tools of my craft.Since Im a Hedge Witch during the growing season there is a wealth of herbs in my garden .Now a big part of them I dry ,but I also make potions and oils with them.This means Im always on the look for containers.Now alot of witches keep their things like this neatly organized behind closed doors ,lol I like to look at my things and have them all over my home. All the cool containers you see Ive picked up at yard sales and thrift shops for very little.When I bring them home the first thing I do is cleanse them of any negative energies.If its glass ,it gets a good hot bath in salt water and Sage “just a few leaves tossed into the hot water will do the trick”.If its Silver ,Iron or Aluminum I Clean it ,Smudge it with Sage and Mugwort and polish it up with a cloth and Sage oil.Next comes the fun cause then I “Witch them up” with Copper ,Crystals,Keys and whatever else I deem appropriate for the use its going to have.

The picture below is one of my personal containers as you can see its just a decanter that caught my eye at a yard sale.I nabbed it for 5 bucks (sans stopper) brought it home “Witched it up” with some Copper ,Amethyst and Tiger Eye…then filled it with a batch of my “Tangle The Bane Oil”

This next little sweety is awesome as I get duel purpose out of it.I picked up 3 of these vinegar and oil cruets at the local SPCA thrift shop I paid 3.00 for the three. I made this one for a friends birthday,I filled the large outer vessel with “Bane Oil”

Gemstone chips of Opal ,Pearl,Quartz and Tiger Eye fit perfectly into the inner coil making infusing their energies into my oil really easy.

Then I filled the inner coil with my personal recipie for peace ,self respect and inner contentment.This way both oils are infused with a bit of each other and the energies of the crystals…yet they are their own entity and can be used as such or mixed together to further personalize

the spell being worked 😉

Now the next two I am loving!They are Vintage 1960s “hippy pottery”.When I found them at the hospital’s thrift shop these babies already had a groovy laid back energy to them .Once again the cost was less than 5.00 for both.

These are works in progress I bought them because I’ll soon have a big batch of Divination oil ready to be bottled.lol So of course I went there and had some fun. Soon they will both have eyes, a skeleton Key and some Moon Stone.

This Last Slender Beauty I bought for a dime Its filled with fresh Eucalyptus that as it cooks in the sun oozes the oil to the bottom of the bottle .Later I’ll fill it with mineral oil and cap it .So there you have it a peek at how I get those cool containers Hopefully you will now look at yard sales with “Rivahhippy” eyes and score some cool things for your own cupboards 🙂

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