Rivah Hippies


harobed and hat

So its the time of year that all of us put that extra witchy energy into our efforts.As I have said in the past everything a witch makes should be infused with their magical purpose.Every wreath a witch makes should be prepared with a wise eye towards the materials she uses ,and the intent she pours into it.Each ingredient will be another layer that brings complexity and depth to her spell.Every knot she ties,each blossom, herb or stone she adds will strengthen her spell. The end result should honor her deity and reflect the purpose of the wreath ,ie protection ,fertility,abundance. Only when you have achieved this will her intent radiate outward to the universe and grow. There are few rules when it comes to making a spell wreath ,other than know the properties of all that you use and focus your intent during the creation .

With that in mind here’s a peek at some of my new works .First up is  “A WITCH”S DOZEN” This one is both groovy and functional.It’s like having a small decorative apothecary on your wall.There are 13 Spells tied on a pentacle base that can be taken off and used.At the end there is still the lovely copper tipped pentacle wreath left.

DSCN0390The Next one ” The Rivah Witch” was the culmination of a wonderful day. On a warm Autumn afternoon this Witch went to the river seeking treasures and this is what came back with me:)

Worm riddled driftwood ,Oyster Shell polished by the waves ,Bayberry ,Yarrow ,Pods,Milo,Golden Rod ,Osprey feathers,Barnacles and Chestnuts.So I tucked in and made a wreath that would invoke the energy of a day at the shore.

DSCN0399So some times I’m a bit witchier than others .The Witching Hour  was one of those times.It has Toad Stools ,Snake Skin , Elm Bark ,Grave Yard Oak Bark, carved Mullein ,Hawk feather , Skulls and a lovely Agate at the center of the pentacle.All combined to make a powerful talisman of protection ,healing and transformation.

DSCN0385Last but far from least is “The Witch’s Meadow”.This one is filled with hedge witchy meadow magic.There are Hydrangeas of all sorts for invocation of magic and meadow Sweet Grass to sweeten your spells.The wasp nest puts the sting of protection into the mix to keep your home safe from harm and communication flowing.

DSCN0389So there you have it ,if you take only one thing from this blog it should be ,never be afraid to use what you find.Its never too strange or odd  .There’s no such thing as too witchy, it’s just you ,your wreath and the spell you want to weave ! Blessed Be Dears  I hope you find some inspiration for your next project .

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