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Lets Get Crafty ……Refurbishing Xmas ,Cheap And Easy

Tis the season for fellowship ,warmth and giving ,having said that , its also the season to worry about making ends meet.I’ve noticed an alarming holiday trend that involves throwing out the old and buying a “new look” each holiday.This is across the board Pagan and Christian alike have fallen prey to this mind set.Thats no way to be! It’s exspensive ,sends the wrong message to our young and takes away sentimentality replacing it with consumerism.Being a Hedgewitch I detest waste and feel that recycling /repurposing honors my Deities and the Earth.

I always enjoyed refubishing old Yule/Xmas decorations, giving them a new lease on life.It’s like helping an old friend get over a rough patch . In fact my kids know the season is nearing when my work area starts to resemble Santa’s work shop.It’s amazing what you can do with some thought, hot glue ,wire and ribbon.

I recently spent the weekend at my cousins being her Xmas helper.We sorted through what seemed to be hundreds of boxes of Ho Ho .

I refurbished two huge wreathes that had seen better days…….and made many Xmassy vases and garlands and such.

She is far from done but we hit at it hard and it was all at no cost to her.Below are two of the projects and details of how they were made. 🙂

These two wreathes pictured above had seen much better days ,so my chore this weekend was to make them better.I only have pics of the grapevine one this time we didn’t get pics of the other finished.I made the grapevine form about 6-7 years ago so this wasn’t its first “new look” however I warned Barb it was getting quite brittle so this is probably its last .

I redid this wreath with dollar general plastic ornaments she had and never used (they came 3-4 to a package) and some of past years ribbon.

The ornaments are wired 2-3 together and then wired to the wreath the ribbon is done the same way .It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete and hang .

The wreath is about 5.5 ft. tall and 3.5-4 ft. wide and would cost you about 12.00 to make 🙂

This next one is another treasure made from trash.I started with a small leftover wreath form , a handful of leftover fake berries ,

a broken plastic prism dangle

a pine cone and a dollar general Reindeer ornament that was no longer hangable .Not a promising list if your a pessimist.

But I have a hot glue gun and am unafraid of a challenge.So this is what I ended up with ….total cost to me 0.00 🙂

So there you have it the next time you have a broken ornament dont toss it get inspired 😉

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