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Lets Get Crafty…….. Yule Spellboxes


This is for those of you who are searching for inexpensive
and meaningful Yule ideas.Right now you probably have the makings
of this one within your reach.With a little practice these are both easy and fun.
I make these all year round as my needs arise .But always at yule
there is one for the tree.
This is a spell that teaches patience and allows you to easily focus
all your intent on your spell.Although I was shown how to build the box years
ago by my uncle (the spell part was my idea ), I googled and found easy to
follow diagramed steps for you to follow on a cool Origami site.Building the box is quite easy after a few attempts ,” during which you’ll crumple paper and no doubt curse my name ” but in the end you’ll get it right and oh my what a great feeling !
Once you have the hang of it you are ready for the actual
building of your spell.On your piece of paper ,write your spell ,runes
or decorations.Remember to focus , your intent is vital to the success
of this endeavor.

Once you’ve done this, its time to build your box.Make sure when you
make your first folds that your spell is right side up ,the box is
built around your spell enclosing it.
Visualize the end result of your spell with every fold you make.Yep
I know I keep saying that but every fold you make should reinforce
your spell.
After the last fold

The last step of building the box is you blow in it.
“by now you know this as you’ve practiced!”
When you’ve reached this point ,with a picture of the result
in your mind ,blow and say “SO MOTE IT BE ” firmly.

Now for all intents and purposes your spell is done. But for Yule I decorate mine . A gold ribbon , some sprigs of Cedar and a few tiny Fir cones are all nice for yule. I have a nice cauldron so I generally burn my spellboxes.However you may do with yours as you will,they can be kept on your altar,buried,given away or whatever you feel is appropriate for the situation.

*****heres a tip, for Yule write your spell on the inside of a square of pretty wrapping paper and your box will look like a wrapped gift *******

!> a square piece of paper
2>something to write with
3>a piece of ribbon or twine and any other outer decorations you want

How to build the cube…..


Fold a square sheet of paper at the diagonals and unfold it.

Put the paper at both arrows together.
Lay the triangles at the top and at the bottom on top of each other.


The result is a flier triangle, which is known from the swallow or the pigeon.


Fold upward on the red line on the right and on the left.


Then it must look like this.


Fold on the red lines.


Then it must look like this.


Fold the two little triangles on the red lines downward.


Put the last made triangles in the two pockets on the right and on the left. This is a little bit fiddly.


Then it must look like this.


Turn the whole triangle and repeat the steps 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.


Then it must look like this.


Fold and unfold on the red lines.


Take the folded cube in hand and blow into the hole at the top. Unfold the cube by this.


The cube is ready.

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2 thoughts on “Lets Get Crafty…….. Yule Spellboxes

  1. These are easy and only require a piece of paper and your focus! Have fun……..

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