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Lets Get Crafty….Spring is here time to start harvesting

So spring is here at long last and we are glad of it.Not only is Mother Earth renewing herself , my potion adjuncts were getting very low and now I can start to harvest again.All gifts of nature can be added to our spells and each one you add will bring their own unique element to your spell!
Spells are made powerful by the ingredients that are used and the way they interact
with each other ,in other words the more you know the stonger your spells.Also its my finding that any time you use ingredients that were grown and harvested by your own hand the spells work better! So in the interest of sharing heres a short list that even the most garden challenged of you probably can find on a short walk .So get out there enjoy some sun and fresh air ,look around with your witchy eyes and harvest!
*****The ingredients I’m listing today are NOT for consumption, but for use during spell casting.*****

Blossoms picked and dried in the spring are good in spells of rebirth or renewal of energy!

Roses have always been connected with love.
A Rose represents the heart center, the appropriate colour for this use
is dark pink or blood red .You don’t need the whole Rose, a few petals
will do just as well.

Rosemary invokes rememberance so if you were working a spell to reconnect
someone to a loved one it would be an excellent choice as an ingredient.

Parsley is great for use where there are health or anger issues as is Apple .

.Mustard seeds ,Sassafras or money plant (lunaria) are great for money spells

Lemongrass is for spells of Lust or involving Psychic Powers

Clover and shamrocks can be used for bringing
families together, protection from psychic forces and good fortune.

Cactus spines or any thorns can be used in witch bottles for protection.
Carry, burn,or bury to release their powers.

For strength and protection Wolfsbane ,Oak or fern all will do the trick

All Currants (including a flowering currant), are excellent in spells
involving fertility or to ease birth and labour pains.

Hops are great for spells of Healing or Sleep

Horehound is used for Exorcism and spells of Healing

Mock orange ( Philadelphus) is great for putting an end to something
in a happy and satisfactory way.

Hawthorn leaves are strengthening and encouraging

Juniper and Cedar are used for Protection, Anti-Theft, and Exorcism

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