Rivah Hippies

The Rhythm Of Magic

Hello my Lovelies .

Im back again after being out of touch while creating.This time I delved into the world of sacred

instruments. I came back with a lot more knowledge and  a profound respect for their makers

It seems that we with all our technology have lost most of the ancient science of magic, but if there remains any magic that all of us can easily use it’s music.

Witches have always known what quatum physics is now comfirming.That everything  in the material world is made up of vibration. Our world is resonant ,all objects have frequencies that can be detected as sound-waves.

Music of any kind has a magical power, a power that can be accessed by any of us.

All of us instinctually realize that spiritual energy can be derived from the trance like state that can be induced by music.

Today Im discussing rattles. From our infancy rattles cause our bodies and minds both to respond to them. Rattles are used throughout the world to help keep rhythm during tribal dances and ceremonies.They are often accompaniment to Native American ceremonies.

The rhythm they invoke with the rattle and drum during dance is unforgettable. It resonates to the very soul, and changes a simple dance into a spiritual experience.Native Americans hold that the rattle is an instrument of independence .The beating of the rattle breaks up stagnant energy that blocks the natural flow of energy within your body.  It  also helps us focus on our core being.  If you sit quietly alone or with friends and shake a rattle, the music/rhythmn will help you clear your mind and will open a doorway to a different emotional place.

In Native American beliefs a rattle should contain elements of the three kingdoms or nations.  The animal kingdom is represented by the container or feather .In my case I used a turtle shell a friend gave me.

The mineral kingdom is represented by pebbles used for sound or hand ground pigments in their painted decorations.I filled mine with  chips of tiger eye, jasper ,rose quartz , regular quartz and jingle bells .When shaken she makes a lovely jingley rattley sound

She’s also adorned with jade ,unikite ,tiger eye ,buffalo tooth ,oyster shells and vertebrae.

The plant kingdom is represented by the container if a gourd is used or the wooden handle of the rattle.

My buddy Shelly took it to a Pow Wow recently and it was really well recieved .It was played with ,fondled and taken into the dance circle by several. This one I believe has found a home with one of them and Im thrilled.When the Grandmother of the tribe asked and who of us made this ,she was told a white Irish Witch …..her reply was well with work like this she wasnt always white! High praise from a Grandmother !!!!

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