Rivah Hippies

Lets Get Crafty For Autumn…….A HedgeWitch’s Harvest Centerpiece

In my home I like my things to serve many purposes.So when I set my hand to crafting something for an Alter or a table I stay true to my nature.I love the Autumn season .The chillier nights ,colors and smells ,you can feel the witchy energy flowing.I created this centerpiece to Honour Atumn and Samhain.
Its base is a shallow leaf shaped basket that has legs so the arrangment sits about 2 inchs off the table.
I started by gluing a 6 inch wreath form into the bottom of the basket so my arrangment was secure.This gave me a frame to work with and something to hold my candle vase securely in place once it was finished . Im honoring second harvest , third harvest ,along with Autumn and Thanksgiving , what a task! It needed to invoke all the magics of those special days and blend with the changing themes that come with them. Only the best blossoms from my garden would do for this! So out come my boxes ,bundles and bags ,the search is on. After a frenzy of pulling in boxs my choices were finally made ……..
Oak leaves were first on as the bottom layer . (because the leaves are large & sturdy)
Then came big drifts of Hydrangea .
The next “layer “was Lavender , Golden Rod ,Moss and Yarrow,these filled in the spaces and looked great while lending their powers to my mix.
I topped it off with fragrant heads of Basil .(to appease the fairies) Roses of all colors, Echinacea cones and the star like seed pods of Columbine.Yumm it smells divine!

At last it’s done and tis perfect for a Mabon /Samhain alter and makes a lovely centerpiece for the holiday table . To light this candle is to invoke happiness,comfort,love,protection and abundance.Not to mention how happy you make the fairies .And face it your headed into Samhain with fairies in the house you want them happy!

Basil – exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, wealth

Columbine – courage, love

Goldenrod – prosperity, money, divination

Hydrangea – invokes magic ,breaks hexes

Moss – luck, money

Oak – protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck

Yarrow – healing, divination, exorcism, protection, courage, love, psychic powers

Rose – beauty, protection, purification, love, psychic powers, healing,
divination, peace

Lavender – protection, call in good spirits,
love, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace, healing

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