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“The Blessings Of Corn” Celebrating Autumn The Hedge Witch Way

Autumn is here and with it comes the last of our harvesting season. So this time Ive been wandering collecting Corn stalks. This time of year the sweet corn is long gone but the stalks can be harvested and used for many things. Corn has been held sacred to many cultures since the beginning of recorded time. It has been called by many names  ,Corn, maize, give of life, sacred mother, seed of seeds.  Feminine in nature,it is associated with the sun and the element fire.

      Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest season and of grain, specifically corn.
She is associated with agricultural fertility and a bountiful harvest. An offering honoring her will bring bountiful harvests and protect your crops in the coming year

For those who want to bring some Fairy magic into their harvest celebration ,a Corn Fairy is always fun to make.There is lots of lore concerning fairies and Corn.
The Celts did not go to the mills after dark because they believed that was when the fairies milled their Corn.
Brownies are small, drawf-like fairies that choose a hard-working good-hearted family
to live with and help with farm duties and daily chores .
You should never offer to pay your brownies as that will offend them.However they love to be fed.
One of their favorite meals is a bowl of Cream and Corn bread with Honey.

Corn lore is prominent throughout Native American folklore. The Cherokee, Iroquois, and Apache all tell stories of  how corn came to be part of our diet ,most involve a crone presenting corn as a gift to someone youngThey scatter Corn or Corn meal to purify and bless a space.
Arrangments of Corn hung above doorways at harvest time will protect rewards that have been reaped.

As Witches, Corn teaches us the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth.
We use corn in spells that involve protection,luck and divination.
Corn teaches the mystery of life, death, and rebirth which makes it great in spell performed on Samhain.
Corn and corn meal is also useful for spells related to fertility ,prosperity and abundance.
These Besoms can be used for the traditional purposes of fertility rites and clearing of negativity.Or hung on your door they will invoke Strength ,Protection and Comfort within

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