Rivah Hippies

Pagan Pride Day Versus Pentacostals

Rivahhippies had a lovely time at the PPD Festival in Fredericksburg Va. yesterday and we got a lot of good pictures .We really appreciated the help with our tent raising and the many friendly check ins thoughout the day. Although the day started rainy there were still many of us that came and stayed to have fun

The drum circle was full of amazing energy and fellowship was everywhere.

We also want to again say thank you for the concern/response when the Pentacostals AKA THE GIDIEONS invaded .We would really like to have the correct name of that church if anyone knows .All day we had watched the lovely Muslim family gathering at the playground It was a gathering of several famlies with all the children and picnic food There was there was obviously as much joy and fellowship there as we had across the way .After one of the pentacostals started and lost a debate with one of our vendors  ” I guess White Stag wasnt to their taste hehehe” They honed on to the family gathering.Within minuets of these santimonious radicals accosting them with “free bibles and testimony” their children were husseled away their pinics packed up and their lovely day destoyed. .It appalled me that for hours our two separate gatherings of multiple faiths/beliefs had been having a lovely day of fellowshipand fun but that ended for them because of JERKS WITH BIBLES. If Jesus had been there yesterday he would have wept at their narrow minded Bigotry and their Santimonious Perversion of the Words that he taught .So there Ive said it SHAME ON YOU CHURCH OF THE IMMENSE JERKS! My grandmother was Southern Baptist I know how your supposed to act and that was not it!

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