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From the HedgeWitch’s Garden To Cupboard …..Vitex

This is a Vitex ,also known by its common names Lilac Chaste Tree, Hemp Tree, Sage Tree, or Indian Spice.Vitex is a member of the Vervain family and a great choice for a large shrub or small flowering tree. It needs full sun to thrive ,but will grow in a variety of soils, provided they are well drained. Once established the Vitex happily grow where hot, dry surroundings prevail.

The heirloom strains such as the ones pictured have flower spikes of  purple ,pale lilac, mauve, off-white and light pink. If the spent spikes are cut off promptly after the first flowering the shrub will rebloom quickly. Vitex blooms emerge from May to September,the aromatic leaves are palmate, with five to seven leaflets ,hence the common name Hemp Tree.
Propagation is from cuttings in summer or winter. Lower limbs may be layered by burying in the ground, and there are sometimes volunteer seedlings that may be transplanted elsewhere in the garden.

Magically Vervain is feminine ,associated with Venus ,Earth , Cerridwen, Mars,Jupiter, Thor,and Juno.It empowers any magic but is particuarly good for love spells.
Vervain can be used to consecrate and empower ritual tools. It turns back negativity protecting you from depression.
Tea made from Vervain is used for dream quests and Vervain Smudge can be used for blessings of house and hearth.

So that is it for today dears ,,,,,may your harvests be bountiful .Blessed Bee!

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