Rivah Hippies

Lughnasadh Eve With Harobed

On the eve of Lughnasah I’m doing several projects , one of which is making spell teas .The great thing about this blend is it can be used as a tea ,loose smudge,organic potpourri or as a adjunct used in making talisman bags.For beginners always start with thoroughly dry herbs.mine have been drying for weeks ,some such as Rosemary and Cedar months.

This blend is 1/3 Fennel ,1/3 Mint (Kentucky blue mint) and 1/3 Sweet Marjoram /Mug Wort/Lemon Balm mix.

Since I am making this on Lammas I’ve brought out my stone mortar and pestal .So for what I make today I’m kicking it old style.This means I’ll grind and sift at least twice before I’m through .However there’s no rule that says you cant break out your food processor and get it done quicker .Once done I use this blend for several things this blogs about using it as a tea. However you’ll see me use this as a base in other projects.

As a tea it has a rich complex flavor. Brew it like any other loose leaf tea ,if you like it sweet then honey or brown sugar is really the way to go.Its a great tea for morning sickness or for settling an uneasy stomach.

If drank for spell reasons this blend can be used for many things varying things .The blend of herbs invokes prophetic dreams, thins the veil between realms,It has healing energy as well as invoking protection.It easily channels any magic concerning hearth or home.

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