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Acquiring magic


As a Hedge Witch I find myself being asked a lot for a spell to fix something as in now.The majority of these requests come from beginners.Or I’m told oh you don’t really believe in that do you ,I’ve tried that once or twice and witchcraft doesn’t work.Well there’s a  problem with that mindset.

Magic isn’t a quick fix that can be done in a day,if it was everyone would use it. What it does do ,if you practice at it, is increase your odds of success and give you an edge. I believe magic accumulates over time.Each spell leaving a bit of residual magic/energy that builds up over your life time.The more you use it the more you have to use .Basically you are growing your own magic so you need to tend your crop daily.

The best way Ive learned to do this is keep it simple.Not everything has to be pomp and circumstance.None of us wear our robes and wave our wands 24/7 . Intent counts ,if you are doing something routinely then your intent is clear and focused.Always think of your home as your realm ,where your will is worked.


Learn your garden and what properties your herbs/flowers have.’ Gather Sage,Lavender ,Bayberry and Mugwort for a protective bouquet for the house.By their nature, thorns are associated with Mars, baneful works often call for thorns to invoke protection.A bouquet of thorns by your door might not be as pretty as silk flowers but you can jazz them up with a nice vase and they work wonders at keeping out unwanted negative people or energy.They are also helpful at reminding us to be aware and think first before acting.

salted jars

If you don’t have a herb garden I feel sure you have a spice rack .

Learn it ,love it and use it !A small dish of salt can be an offering to your Deity,an adjunct used to purify the energy  or a representation of the ocean .By adding a few crystals to your salt it can be a ward of, protection,love ,prosperity or whatever you need it to be depending on the crystals you use.A bowl of Cinnamon sticks and Bay leaf is not just aromatic Cinnamon draws prosperity and protection as does the Bay so its a double whammy 🙂

I like to buy Cinnamon sticks for my vases so I get them in the kitchen section at the “Dollar Tree” ,since they are only a dollar a package I can afford to have lots of them .When the sticks start to lose their scent soak them in water for a few minuets.After the soaking pour the water in a jar toss a nail in it and you’ve started some awesome Iron water to use .Or you can burn them.Burnt cinnamon as an incense is great for psychic powers.Bay Leaves are also used for visions, clairvoyance and wisdom,it too has a wonderful aroma when burnt.


An easy kitchen spell to work is Eggs hollowed out to fit a tea candle can be burnt for fertility spells.Be sure to drink your Pomegranate juice along with burning the candles .

lots of rocks

Onto rocks and crystals .I am a hound for stones and crystal of any kind.Any of you who have seen pictures of my house and gardens know this.They are beautiful ,powerful and their energies always astound me.If you’re not familiar with their properties get a copy of Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible”, this is a wonderful reference for anyone with great pictures!Tigers Eye, Tourmaline ,Citrine and Desert Rose in a dish will bring protection and more prosperity into your home.Fluorite will attract fairies and promotes clearer focus.It organizes higher energies into a more productive flow and is a great thing to have near your computer for this reason.Keep a Rose Quartz by your door or in your front yard to invoke Love ,contentment and protection.A Golden Tigers Eye in your Birdbath will help protect the birds from cats ,where as a Blue tigers eye in the same place facilitates communication with the birds.


All witches love candle magic and night or day ,the odds are I have one burning.Mostly I use them for my crafting. While working on projects I always light a few candles,pull out some Carnelian and wear my Muldavite.When I have energy requests out comes my lighter and candles are my first order of business.


Since I make besoms I always have choices but a besom is just a dedicated broom .A ordinary straw broom can be used as a besom .Yes you need to dedicate one for cleaning your sacred space but for everyday use a straw broom is fine . Brooms are used to guard a home and all that dwell in it. By laying the broom across the doorway, under the bed, on windowsills, or on your door.Floor sweeps are an easy way to sweep in or out different vibrations in your home. Each of the sweep herbs should correspond with the intention you choose.You should really get into the floor sweep habit like candles and salt its a quick simple bit of magic that can be put to regular use.

shells and quartz

I know some of you are apartment dwellers and that brings challenges when it comes to elemental work.If you have access to a river,stream,or the ocean you can incorporate this into your magic by allowing the currents to carry away anything negative that you wish to be rid of.Not everyone is graced with options like these. There are lots of things you can use to invoke the element water ,a Shell , Pearl,Moonstone or Lapis Lazuli will do the trick.In Tarot water is the element of Cups. A bit of Sea Salt and a pinch of powdered Sage tossed into your sink with the water to run it down the drain while thinking of a problem will help clear negativity! One of the quickest ways to banish someones influence is to place a bit of Salt in your hand ,stand over your toilet ,rub your hands together and say “without a blush your gone with a flush , My will be done,laugh if you want it works!And since I use that one a lot it works really well for me .When invoking the element of Air you can use music,a bell,a feather ,Rose Quartz or a fan.Associated with communication, wisdom and the power of the mind, Tarot Swords  represents Air and can be used in spells to invoke it

colors and crystals

The easiest way to represent fire is with a candle ,however if you live where rules forbid them there are other ways.On your altar or within your circle ,Blood Stone,Obsidian, Agate ,Sulfur or Lava rock can be used to invoke the element of fire.Red and Orange are the colors associated with fire and in Tarot it is represented by Wands.

Now I know your thinking that none of these things seem very magical.However incorporate any or all of these small things into your daily routine .Each time your gaze falls on them or they cross your mind focus your full intent on them for a moment .If you do I promise you will reap the rewards of  magical energies that spill into your life 😉

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