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Crafting With Nature

Hedgewitches walk freely  between one world and another.We learn where to find The spots where the veil is at it’s thinnest , how to use them effectively and how to open them even when the mists between worlds is at its thickest.The Celts have a phrase for it caol ait  it’s enunciated (kweel awtch) It refers to the places that are thinnest between our realms where crossover communications and connections are easiest to make. For me my gardens are one of those places .It connects everything that’s me together with everything I find magical.For most of the season my gardens are being harvested for all matter of spell adjuncts and magical material .But this time of year my mind and hands turn to crafting my harvest into many magical uses.This is always a thin place in the realms for me.I close my eyes and listen for the whisper of the Muse .Crafting with nature is always rewarding you can make gems from the most unexpected things .This project started off with me making a wreath form of  Pine Cones .I consider Pine one of the Old Magics ,seeped in time, powerful in its veneration though out the ages.Related
to the Elements of Air and Fire Pine bears the qualities of both .It has long been used to cleanse negativity and purify hearth and home. I began building the energies of the wreath by adding a braid of Wheat ,Hydrangea, Yarrow And Mug Wort. Hydrangea and Mug Wort both invoke magic in its purest form.Wheat and Yarrow bring divination and bountiful harvests with them As a base upon which you are building a Witches Wreath I can think of no better start.


A Wasp nest wrapped in Copper and Aluminum to conduct the energies ,will teach the lesson of fulfilling your responsibilities.It will also reveal how to construct and nurture your dreams.

DSCN0763Crows live in the tween with no sense of time as we know it.A Crow sees past, present and future simultaneously.Yarrow is a go to herb for use in Divination.When used in conjunction with Crow feathers it creates a powerful portal for those that can use it.


To finish off this magical wreath I needed one more thing and I knew just what it was.My son had brought me some awesome fairy shelves back this spring that were now fully dry.Bracket Fungus whose common names include Fairy Shelf and Dryad’s Saddle are woody and tough as nails.These have a velvety topside that serves well as a Altar at the foot of my pentacle or a seat for a weary Fey .At long last it was finished a unique powerful talisman to stand guard in a Witch’s realm.



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One thought on “Crafting With Nature

  1. Sandra Busey on said:

    wow…I love your blogs. I think you should send them in to a magazine like Witches and Pagans or Sage Woman…..I need to buy something from you soon….My Russian Sage died this year from the heat. Will it come back? Also my hydrangeas are just barely hanging on…and I water them lots. Also, I’ve got a recent obsession with crepe myrtles and now have six in my backyard and one out front (And I live in a townhouse community) What about crepe myrtles in the spiritual realm? We need to get other witches to read these blogs….they will learn soooo much!! I’m going to print them all out for my own reference. Thank you so much for sharing your great knowledge.

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